Our hardwood timber mats are commonly used as bridge mats, road mats, swamp mats, crane mats and pipeline mats
Our Timber Mats are commonly used as bridge mats, road mats, swamp mats, crane mats, excavation support, pipeline mats, decking, and are strong enough for most track equipment.
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Hardwood laminated mats are also known as truck mats
Our Laminated Mats, also known as Truck Mats, are commonly used as surface decking for board roads, oil field locations, and any rubber-tired equipment.
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Dixie Mat is the largest producer of hardwood bridge mats in the US
Our Bridge Mats, also known as Crane Mats, are 12" thick and measure 16-40' in length.
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Timber mats, Bridge mats, laminated mats, crane mats, and full-sawn skids for a variety of industries

YAK MAT Overview

YAK MAT is the results of a strategic merger between DixieMat, largest distributor of hardwood timber mats in North America and Beasley Forest Products matting division. With over 50 years of experience, we specialize in providing access solutions for energy projects throughout the country. These range from crane mats, excavator mats, bridge mats, and truck mats used in a variety of applications for minimizing ruts & mud damage while protecting overall ground pressure. Additionally, YAK MATS are utilized in wetlands, creeks, streams, and bogs to create and protect parking areas and travel ways. Serving pipeline, power line, wind, bridges, marines, and drill sites throughout North America.