Q: Why is DixieMat changing its name?
A: In 2008, Dixie Mat began a strategic partnership with Beasley Forest Products to meet increasing customer demand. In 2013, the companies expanded their strategic partnership with an agreement to work cooperatively to fill large orders for mats. In 2016, Dixie Mat and Beasley began operating a new jointly­owned company, YAK MAT, for a more streamlined operation.


Q: What is the new name of the company?
A: We are excited to announce a new name, YAK MAT.


Q: Is it two words or one?
A: 2 words!


A: A yak is a strong and stable ox like animal that has been used for centuries to transport goods across mountain passes.


Q: Which companies are included in the merger?
A: The strategic merger includes DixieMat, one of the Jones Companies subsidiaries, and the matting division of Beasley Forest Products, a Georgia­ based producer of housing­ grade hardwood products and operator of large hardwood sawmills.


Q: What is the benefit of the merger?
A: Yak Mat will provide our customers with access to the largest fleet of mats in the world. The combined inventory and production capacity of Beasley and Dixie ensures access to the mats you need, at the most competitive prices in the industry.


Q: Who should I speak to if I have invoicing or billing questions?
A: Contact Robin Rowell at 601­633­6438 or robin.rowell@yakmat.com


Q: Are my sales representatives the same?
A: Yes. We have additional team members but continue to contact your representatives.