Probably the only thing stronger than our mats is the company that builds them. We realized a long time ago that with every project, no matter how big or small, our reputation was on the line. That's why we've built a heritage based on three principles-based on our being:

  • We've been doing this since 1976. There's nobody older, nobody bigger, nobody better.

  • Our word is our bond, and our services show it. The only mat provider with its own trucking company and rail logistics coordinator–just two ways we show our commitment to serving you.

  • Providing the strongest and best mats in the industry is not just what we do, it's who we are. 9 company-owned saw mills and 14 manufacturing/ distribution facilities across the country prove that.

We think this is a heritage of strength. But not just a heritage of making us strong.

It's a heritage of making you strong.

To make the strongest mats in the industry, you have to start with the selection of the wood. We select only the strongest hardwoods to build our mats, and we log them ourselves.
Each prime log is measured and precision cut to allow for the best use of the material and ensure the strongest mats. And this happens at all 9 of our company-owned mills.
We build every mat to exact specifications. And our mechanical drilling system adds efficiency for faster, high-quality output, making each mat standard.
With the largest inventory of mats in our storage yards all over this country, DixieMat is more than prepared to service your job.
We are the only provider in the industry with our own rail logistics coordinator and trucking company operating 90 company-owned trucks. that means fast and on-time delivery.
Our job doesn't just stop with mats. We provide services for mobilization, installation, and removal, too, ensuring the jobs done right