Heavy-Duty Site Protection in a Smaller Package

Not every piece of heavy equipment covers a lot of ground. Certain cranes and other machinery utilized on construction projects have a relatively small footprint. However, that does not reduce the amount of pressure they exert on the ground. That can cause serious issues for contractors because the soil where they work may not be able to support them. This also increases the chances that work could have a negative impact on ecologically sensitive wetlands and other types of terrain. For these situations, YAK MAT’s outrigger mats offer the solution. Read on to learn more about how our outrigger pads can help builders across many sectors. 

Ideal for Multiple Project Types

Outrigger mats provide extreme support for large cranes on projects throughout multiple industries. These mats are made of hardwoods and come with cable loops for easy lifting. They can be deployed underneath feet and supports of large-scale machines — giving them a stable platform in areas with soft or uneven soils. Additionally, they help disperse the intense pressure exerted by heavy-duty equipment. This reduces the environmental impact of construction work and prevents damage to fragile ecosystems. Without crane outrigger mats, builders may run into problems with site access or environmental compliance.

  • Made of dense hardwoods
  • Cable loops for lifting
  • Various sizes including custom sizing available

The durability and relatively easy deployment of our wood outrigger pads make them ideal for numerous types of projects. They can benefit contractors working in:

  • Civil construction
  • Wind power construction
  • Midstream pipeline construction
  • Transmission and distribution construction

Why YAK MAT Stands Apart

We have more than 40 years of experience building hardwood crane pads and temporary roadway products. No matter what our customers require, they can be confident that we will build it to the highest quality standards.

On top of that, we are the only provider in the industry with a nationwide manufacturing presence. Because we have production facilities across the country, we are close to practically any job site in the United States. This means we can offer contractors economies of scale as well as reduced shipping costs on their crane outrigger pads.

With our inventory of more than 1 million ready-to-ship mats spread throughout the nation, we’re always ready to serve your needs. For more information about our offerings or to place your order, reach out to us today and talk to one of our knowledgeable professionals.