Crucial Support for Pipeline ProjectsContractors who work in the oil and gas sector know how critical it can be to provide the appropriate level of support for pipelines when installing them. Without it, the work not only becomes more difficult, but it increases the risk of catastrophic failures after commissioning. Crews in need of temporary stability on the job site turn to YAK MAT for hardwood pipeline skid service that gets the job done. Keep reading to learn about what we can do for you. 

Complete Skid Services for Multiple Project Types

With various lengths and sizes available, we offer hardwood pipeline skids ideal for transport, cribbing and elevating pipe when needed. Our products are made from the toughest, densest hardwoods. They are constructed to hold long lengths of pipe during installation and maintenance. With these underneath pipes, workers can connect sections easily and without risk of damage during construction.

Pipeline skids also may be used to support mobile field offices or to create temporary roadways and platforms for heavy equipment. Their durability and ease of use makes them ideal to create access to remote areas where there may not be existing infrastructure to allow trucks and cranes to get to the site. They also may be used to create sidewalls for trenches, providing the support needed to keep them from collapsing.

When used on the jobsite, they ensure that ecologically sensitive areas aren’t hurt by pressure exerted by heavy equipment. Because they are made with recyclable materials, they also help improve the sustainability profile of various projects. Without them, job sites might not be in compliance with environmental regulations and pipelines may not be built correctly. This is critical for keeping your project on track and avoiding delays that may arise from challenging terrain or environmental audits. The versatility of these mats makes them ideal for a wide range of applications on and around the site.

Among their many features, they are:

  • Made of dense hardwoods
  • Ideal for holding pipe
  • Various sizes including custom sizing available

What Makes YAK MAT Different?

We’re a leader in the production of access mats such as hardwood pipeline skids and temporary roadways because we have the most experience in the marketplace. We’ve been building these for more than 40 years — that’s due in large part to the fact that everything we make is made to the highest standards of quality.

In addition, we’re the only company in the industry to have a nationwide manufacturing presence. With production facilities spread across the country, we’re close to virtually every site in the United States. This means we can deliver anything in our inventory of more than 1 million items to you quickly and cost-effectively. We provide contractors with economies of scale as well as significantly reduced shipping costs.

We are prepared to serve your requirements for skid mats or any other related items you may need. For more information about them or to place your order, reach out to us today and speak with one of our experienced professionals.