Columbia, MS, February 24, 2020: YAK MAT is excited to launch the YAK TRAK app. YAK TRAK connects our customers with the key details they need to manage their access and matting projects including real time updates, status of their mat delivery, estimated time of arrival, delays, quantity of mats and more. Additionally, new and existing customers can access our digital product catalog within the app and use the quote tool to request pricing for rents, sales or both options on available mats

This new technology for the matting industry provides project visibility that customers currently do not have. When using YAK TRAK, customers will see load status, truck locations and delivery time estimates, and details of the load which include mat quantities, mat types and grades. This information provides better planning tools for field personnel, project managers and purchasing agents.

Key features of this app include:

  • Real Time Tracking Of Mats
  • Instant Visibility To Project Information
  • Digital Product Catalog Within The App
  • Quote Tool
  • Truck Driver Visibility
  • Minimizes Lack Of Data/Manual Process

“YAK TRAK provides our customers with project visibility and information that they’ve likely never had exposure to before,” Chris Bullock, CIO of YAK ACCESS. “This information will allow better planning, staging of trucks, and future estimation of mat needs based on historical data. There are so many moving parts involved with getting mats to and from job sites, that it can be a frustrating process at times. We’re excited to take these first steps of simplifying the process and providing our customers with increased visibility.”

More information related to the app is available at Download the app for free in the App Store and Google Play.

In addition to the YAK TRAK app, our recently launched YAK DRIVER app allows mat deliveries to provide real time load status updates, providing field teams with the details they need to most efficiently utilize their equipment and crews.

The YAK DRIVER app was designed with our drivers in mind. Simple solutions to make your job easier. Here are a few ways YAK DRIVER works for you!

  • Drivers can almost eliminate status calls and extra emails / text message communication
  • Dispatchers receive real-time updates of drivers load status
  • Dispatchers will be notified of relevant load changes instantly
  • Dispatchers can receive signed proof of delivery documentation instantly, allowing faster invoicing and payment

YAK MAT is the largest supplier of hardwood mats in North America. With over 1 million mats available, our mats are closer to your project making us the choice for temporary access solutions. From hardwoods to composites, not only do we have a large inventory of mats, YAK MAT carries all mat types to accommodate any project type. YAK MAT is a part of YAK ACCESS, the leader in access matting and service.

YAK ACCESS is the largest, complete access company providing matting solutions, installation and removal of temporary roads, construction of permanent access roads, civil services for various construction industries throughout North America. Through the experience of our combined teams, we bring expertise to the access sector that is unmatched in the industry.