Swamp & Wetland Mats


No construction project could be considered easy but building where you can’t even count on the ground beneath you presents another level of difficulty altogether. Working in swampy or wetland areas means you’re never entirely sure if the earth will support your activity. Moving heavy equipment through these soft, muddy soils may be extremely difficult, if not impossible. Mud can become caked in tires and treads, leading to messy job sites and damage to machinery. Perhaps worst of all, the extreme weight of trucks, bulldozers and other heavy equipment can cause lasting damage to the fragile ecosystems of these areas.

Fortunately, swamp access mats made of durable hardwood timbers can solve a variety of the problems builders encounter when working in wetland environments. Flexible, cost-effective and relatively easy to use, swamp mats made by YAK MAT can provide stability, safety and security in a number of ways. 


When used to create temporary roadways and staging platforms, construction mats for wetlands create solid footing for crews and heavy vehicles. This provides a number of significant benefits. For example, laying access mats over wet soil makes it easier for trucks and other heavy equipment to reach areas of the site where paved roads don’t go. They also enable workers and vehicles to move throughout the project zone without picking up dirt that could become lodged in wheels or tracks. This prevents debris from being carried off site where it could potentially violate local statutes. Keeping machines cleaner also helps ensure that they’ll experience fewer mechanical problems and require less maintenance.

When working in environmentally sensitive areas, swamp mats for heavy equipment provide another crucial benefit. They protect delicate vegetation and wildlife habitats because they disperse pressure exerted on the ground by heavy machinery and prevent it from disturbing fragile structures. In this way, mats help companies comply with environmental regulations. Their modular construction also makes it relatively easy to deploy them to work zones.


How easy are they to install and remove?

Our mats are built to make installation and removal as easy as possible. They feature notched lifting eyes or cable loops that make lifting them simpler. They also fit together perfectly, so they can be laid down to create a stable roadway with minimal difficulty.

How should you clean them?

Pressure washing your mats at the end of a project is important in order to protect the wood and keep any microorganisms within their original environments. Using our Outrak mats in transitional areas can also keep tires and treads from tracking excessive amounts of dirt and debris onto the mats, making cleanup faster and easier.

Why are mats good for the environment?

Heavy equipment can do a lot of damage to delicate marshes and swampy areas if they don’t have the proper protection. Mats can create a sturdy, stable platform for heavy machinery so it won’t come into direct contact with fragile soils. Once the job is complete, the mats can be disassembled and taken away, leaving the area with as little disturbance as possible. The same cannot be said of permanent roads built to and from a jobsite.

What type of equipment can be supported by these mats?

Virtually any kind of construction machinery can use these mats as a strong foundation from which to do work. These include cranes, trucks and bulldozers. 


Our inventory of more than 1 million units means we have more swamp pads for sale than virtually anyone. Because we’re the only provider of these products with manufacturing facilities across North America, we can dispatch them to your site quickly and cost-effectively, no matter where you are. Our mats are built using the highest-quality materials available and with tried-and-true methods learned over more than 40 years of experience.

It can be a challenge to build when the ground under your feet is less than solid, but it’s not impossible. With our wetland crossing mats at your disposal, you’ll have a strong foundation for the success of your project. For more information about swamp mat rental or to request a quote, get in touch with us today.