Land-Clearing Services

A successful project begins with a solid foundation. Whether you are building a highway overpass, electrical transmission towers or an oil pipeline, starting with a clean slate is crucial. Unfortunately, nature does not always cooperate. Heavy underbrush, half-buried boulders and deep-rooted stumps can wreak havoc on equipment and schedules. Even just one of these obstacles can damage machinery and possibly injure crew members. That’s why YAK MAT and our partners offer complete site clearing services for contractors across a wide spectrum of markets. When you choose us as your land-clearing company, be certain that literally no stone will be left unturned.

What Our Services Entail

As fully experienced site preparation contractors, we know exactly what it takes to get a job site ready and safe no matter what its original condition. From rocky terrain to swampy wetlands, we will go through and remove anything standing in the way. We provide comprehensive brush-clearing services to eliminate thick brambles and bushes as well as tree clearing to get rid of excessive growth and stumps left behind by previous work.

We lend our expertise to builders in numerous sectors, including pipeline right-of-way clearing, civil construction and renewable energy projects. The one factor all these jobs have in common is that they often require workers to cross some of the most inhospitable and untamed territory. With our help, you can start with the cleanest sites possible and approach projects with confidence.

Why Choose YAK MAT?

As a leader in access solutions for the construction industry, we have the experience and the network of strategic partners to handle virtually any type of situation. If you work with us, we will take care of the details from start to finish. The providers we partner with bring a wealth of knowledge and manpower to every site and provide comprehensive services.

To learn more about everything we can do, contact us today. Our representatives are ready and waiting to answer any questions you have.