Builders have a huge responsibility not only to their clients, but to the community and environment surrounding the job site. Whether you’re building a commercial property, installing oil and gas pipelines, or erecting transmission towers, your work isn’t complete until the land is restored as close to its original condition as possible.

Site cleanup is crucial for the aesthetics of the area as well as to repair any damage that may have been done to the ecosystem. Fortunately, YAK MAT and our strategic partners can provide wide-ranging construction site cleanup services to help meet all of your responsibilities after the job is completed.

Our Services

Heavy equipment and trucks can wreak havoc on the ground during construction activities. They can leave slopes in an unstable condition, plants uprooted and water sources at risk of eroding topsoil.

The services provided through our partner companies BLUROC and NEW SOUTH mitigate these issues and help ensure the area is rejuvenated to as close to its natural state as possible. The expertise and experience our partners bring to the table enable their crews to work in virtually any type of terrain — from dry and rocky areas to swamps and wetlands.

A critical element of this type of site stabilization work is revegetation. This process involves planting native vegetation in the area — whether through spray seeding or blanket seeding. By returning grasses and plants that should be in these spots, revegetation prevents further erosion on the soil and encourages wildlife to come back to the area. This method allows sites to be restored to their original levels of biodiversity and helps maintain healthier ecosystems in the surrounding territory.

Help for Your Project

Site stabilization could be beneficial to practically every construction site. However, it can be extremely valuable in the cases of energy and civil projects. Pipelines, wind farms, marinas and other structures often need to be constructed in remote and undeveloped spots.

Any ecological damage done in these areas can cause irreparable harm throughout a much larger space. This is why — even in these unpopulated regions — restoring your site to a more natural state represents good corporate stewardship and responsible behavior.

Why Work With Us?

At YAK MAT, we are leaders in access solutions. The partnerships we have with BLUROC and NEW SOUTH mean we can handle everything from the initial placement of your access mats to their removal and the comprehensive restoration of the surrounding property.

When choosing us, you will receive outstanding capabilities from start to finish. If you want to learn more about site restoration or any of our other services, get in touch today.