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Boosting Local Economies

With more than 70 sawmills and yards across the country, virtually every job we perform has a local connection. We draw upon the resources and talents of homegrown companies and individuals to get work done for our customers. This includes utilizing nearby resources, sourcing materials from the area, and using locally based staff to handle logistics. The result is a shot in the arm for the economy wherever we operate.

Our Extended Impact

What we do benefits more than just the nearby sawmills and related businesses. Because the types of projects we support often bring in labor from outside the designated area, other businesses can receive a boost. Hotels, restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores and other vital services gain new customers for an extended period.

In addition, our products have a positive influence on local ecosystems. Because they are designed to minimize the pressure exerted by heavy equipment, our mats help contractors reduce the harm they do to fragile environments such as wetlands. With our assistance, major infrastructure projects can be completed with minimal damage to the surrounding wildlife.

A More Beneficial Solution

Civil construction is done for the betterment of the community. YAK MAT does so much more than providing the essential access solutions communities need. For additional information about what we offer, reach out today.

When you choose YAK MAT to provide you with temporary road and access mat solutions, you’re helping more than just your project. You’re also allowing us to positively impact your community as well as many others. What we do touches so many people, even those who aren’t directly connected to the projects we serve.

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