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One of the most challenging aspects of construction is dealing with the terrain. Not only do crews need to move heavy equipment over unstable and untamed ground, but they also need to be careful not to harm the environment. For machines with rubber tires, YAK MAT’s laminated hardwood mats products offer a superior solution to both concerns. Building in difficult areas becomes much easier, more convenient and ecologically responsible.

Our 3-ply laminated mats provide the same access solutions as our hardwood timber mats. However, they are ideal for projects that need surface decking, temporary roads built or for use with rubber-tired equipment. In addition to construction usage, these can be utilized as ground pressure protection when transporting heavy equipment. They also can be put down as general ground covering at events or areas with excessive mud and water.


Constructed of strong, durable hardwood timbers, these 3-ply wood mats are ideal for helping builders tame rough sites without disturbing ecologically sensitive soils. When assembled over swampy areas, marshes, wetlands or other places with loose soil, they create a safe pathway. This allows tractors and other heavy vehicles to access the site safely in situations where there are no permanent roads yet. Our laminated construction mats also help minimize the pressure exerted by wheels and treads that would otherwise harm fragile ecosystems. Our products are built to the highest standards of quality.

These 3-ply mats also provide numerous benefits and features such as:

  • Strengthened with 3 layers 2″ x 8″ of lumber
  • Ideal for rubber-tired equipment
  • Chain pick up system
  • Made of dense hardwoods
  • Various sizes including custom sizing available


We are the leaders in access mats and laminated crane mats throughout North America, thanks to our extensive selection of products and services. We are the only manufacturer of temporary roadways that owns and operates manufacturing facilities nationwide. This means our customers can benefit from economies of scale as well as proximity to their locations. We can ship quickly to virtually any location in the United States. Our comprehensive inventory of ready-to-ship items across the country can lead to significantly reduced freight costs for our customers. Shipping is typically the most expensive aspect of ordering mats, so our closeness to most major markets can ease the burden.

With more than 40 years of experience building wood pathways for construction access, YAK MAT knows more about them than anyone. Our expertise — combined with our inventory of over 1 million products spread across the country — means we hold the leadership position in the industry. Whatever the project, we have the laminated mat rental, purchase options or used inventory to fit the situation.

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