Our TIMBERLITE mats have found the sweet spots between the 3-Ply, CLT’s, and timber mats. Made of pine middle timbers and mixed-hardwood outside timbers, these mats are light, durable, and flexible enough to contour to the ground below.

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Product Description

These lightweight access mats are the right choice as temporary roadways and/or staging areas for heavy equipment.

Because TIMBERLITE mats reduce the amount of pressure that heavy machinery exerts on fragile soils and wetlands, they also help reduce the ecological impact of construction work in undeveloped areas. With so many transmission projects currently being built, having the proper support is critical.

Key Details

Because of the TIMBERLITE’s reduced weight, roughly 50% lighter than traditional timber mats, customers will take advantage of freight savings. These mats are lighter and more durable than 3-Ply mats, making them a better long-term solution for certain projects.

You face a wide range of conditions on a right-of-way. TIMBERLITE is more durable than a traditional 3-Ply or CLT mat, so you can use it in a larger variety of situations without upgrading to more expensive timber mats. These stout mats are also harder to break, therefore leaving less potential clean-up at the end of the project.

TIMBERLITE contours to the ground, allowing strategic placement of temporary roads for heavy equipment and trucks to cross smoothly. Because they flex when you drive, these mats won’t shift or lift when equipment crosses. Having flexible access mats that bend but won’t break also means there’s less risk of breaking under intense pressure.

Specifications / Dimensions

4’ x 4.5” x 14’
8’ x 4.5” x 14’

Recommended Utilizations

These mats are the ideal solution for a wide range of projects where access is a challenge. Their construction and materials provide a number of advantages over other types of access products. Some of the benefits of these mats include:

  • 50% lighter than traditional access mats
  • Same stability and bend/flexibility as a timber mat
  • Durable for multiple uses
  • Rough-sawn texture improves traction and helps reduce mat slippage
  • Contour to the ground allowing for a smooth ride

Red-Coated Mats

Our trademark red-coated mats help protect the ends from moisture to ensure the strength and durability your project needs.

Location Proximity

Experience the ease and transportation savings that come with the largest national mat fleet stored in yards across the country.

40+ Years of Experience

YAK MAT products aren’t just backed by quality and national trust: they’re a result of 40 years of experience at the forefront of industry standards. Let YAK be the expert partner that provides the dedicated, full-service experience your project deserves.


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