MegaDeck HD+ Heavy-Duty Composite Mats provide our strongest modular matting system for any industry or project size.

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Product Description

MegaDeck HD+ mats are built for high-traffic sites, and are capable of supporting up to 600 pounds per square inch of pressure. Made from non-toxic HDPE, these mats protect vegetation in environmentally sensitive areas while supporting heavy equipment and cranes.

Key Details

Regardless of terrain or climate, MegaDeck HD+ mats have enhanced traction, a locking system for connecting panels, and are laid together seamlessly allowing for quick installation. MegaDeck HD+ composites utilize the MDX Pinning System locking the mats together tightly allowing the most extreme loads and impact.


14’ x 7.5‘ x 4”

  • Weight: 1,100 lbs.
  • Supports loads up to 600 psi, 400 more psi than wood mats
  • Enhanced traction, non-conductive, and dual-sided.
  • Environmentally safe – sealed design prevents fluid saturation
  • 40 mats per 18 wheel truckload
  • Proprietary, self-aligning, aluminum cam lock system. Connects the overlapping flange from adjacent mats with a simple twist of a standard hex key.
  • High-density polyethylene (HDPE) with special impact modifiers and fillers to accommodate thermal expansion, incorporate
  • UV resistance, add anti-static properties.
  • Color: beige – custom colors available.
Recommended Utilization
  • Transmission & Distribution
  • Heavy Haul Applications
  • Mining Operations
  • Military Applications
  • Trenching and Shoring
  • Disaster Relief
  • Public Works
  • Special Events

Proximity to Locations

Experience the ease and transportation savings that come with the largest national mat fleet stored in yards across the country.

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YAK MAT products aren’t just backed by quality and national trust: they’re a result of 40 years of experience at the forefront of industry standards. Let YAK be the expert partner that provides the dedicated, full-service experience your project deserves.


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