Cranes are essential equipment for construction sites. They need to be seriously hefty machines to do all of the heavy lifting on the job. Unfortunately, their size and weight make it difficult for them to reach certain areas. This is especially true in places where there is loose soil, wetlands or environmentally sensitive terrain.

Without easy access for cranes, some projects simply aren’t possible. That is where timber crane mats from YAK MAT can provide the solution for contractors. These hardwood crane mats serve as temporary wooden pathways and pads, making it possible for large-scale machinery to get around a property safely, easily and without causing undue environmental impact.

Constructed of durable hardwood timbers, our wood crane mats are utilized to create short-term roadways and staging areas for heavy machines. When assembled over wetlands, marshes and other areas with unstable ground, crane pads such as these create a safe pathway. They make it possible for equipment to be deployed where they need to be. With these in place, crews can reach locations they may not have been able to otherwise because of a lack of roadways. Our crane mats also help contractors protect the environment. Because they minimize the pressure exerted on the ground by large treads and tires, they preserve ecologically delicate areas.


We are the industry leader among crane mat manufacturers when it comes to access for construction sites in North America. YAK MAT hast the largest selection of products and services aimed at helping crews and contractors tame and protect treacherous terrain. Our offerings are built to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Customers can count on the benefits and features of our laminated crane mats, including:

  • Dense hardwood construction
  • Notched for easy lifting and enhanced safety
  • Various sizes including custom
We are the only manufacturer of temporary roadways that owns and operates production facilities nationwide. The advantages for our customers are two-fold. We can offer significant economies of scale thanks to our footprint. Additionally, this puts us in proximity to the vast majority of locations in the United States. We have a comprehensive inventory of ready-to-ship mats that can be delivered quickly virtually anywhere in the country. This can cut down on freight costs for contractors by a substantial amount.


With more than 40 years of experience building wooden mats for cranes on job sites, we offer a lot of value. Our extensive expertise, combined with our inventory of more than 1 million products spread throughout North America, makes us the industry leader. Whatever the site conditions, we have the solution for stability and safety. We can provide crane mat rentals as well as options for purchase.

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We’re known throughout the construction industry as the leading resource for access solutions. Our complete lineup of services includes temporary road construction, site restoration and land clearing. We also have an extensive inventory of more than 1 million new and used mats that can be deployed virtually anywhere in the country. These are available for rental or purchase, depending on your needs.