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A Solid Foundation for Downstream Construction

Construction companies serving the downstream energy market understand that dealing with rough terrain is part of the job. Their projects often are in remote areas that don’t have paved roads nearby. This can make it difficult to access the site. In addition, wetlands and other ecologically sensitive areas may be affected by the presence of cranes and trucks. Crews must balance the impact they have on the environment with getting their work done. Read on to learn more about how YAK MAT’s heavy equipment mats can help the downstream industry.

Why Use Downstream Construction Mats?

Heavy crane mats are used to support the transportation and utilization of large-scale machinery on downstream project sites. Whether serving as platforms or road mats for heavy equipment, YAK MAT supplies the right access solution for any refinery projects.

When used in downstream construction, these mats make it easier and safer for machines to cross rough and unstable terrain. They also minimize ground pressure created by truck tires and treads. This helps protect and preserve fragile ecosystems. Among the other advantages of our downstream construction equipment mats are:

  • Custom sizing available
  • Notches for easier handling and increased security
  • Durable hardwood materials
  • Precision-drilled to meet exact specifications
  • Coated ends for rot protection


More than just access roads, YAK MAT provide mats to complete all types of projects for different downstream construction projects. Other uses include:

  • Crane mats for equipment support
  • Ground support to minimize pressure
  • Temporary access roads

Builders working on refinery projects frequently need crane mats. This is because refineries usually don’t have a lot of infrastructure around them, making it necessary to provide temporary support for large cranes and other vehicles. Without it, these machines would be unable to reach vital areas of the property.

Why Work With YAK MAT?

We are a leading provider of road mats for heavy equipment and other access solutions. No matter what the product or application, everything we sell is made to the highest-quality standards.

On top of that, we’re the only provider of temporary roadways that owns and operates manufacturing facilities nationwide. This means we are close to virtually any job site in the United States. Our comprehensive inventory of ready-to-ship solutions can be delivered quickly, considerably reducing freight costs for contractors.

Our extensive offerings and more than 40 years of experience make us the best choice to serve the energy industry. We can provide rentals, purchase options or utilization of used mats whenever necessary. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or to place your order.