TIMBERTUFF bridge mats are a valuable solution to projects requiring temporary short span bridges, allowing workers and heavy machinery to cross over tricky terrain safely and efficiently.

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Product Description

Bridge mats are best used as decking on existing temporary bridges to support heavy equipment and vehicles. These mats are very strong and sturdy with a rough surface that creates a safe traction area.

Key Details

Built from sturdy, durable hardwood timbers, bridge mats can be used to improve access for multiple types of construction sites. When assembled over soft soils, steep inclines or wetlands, they can create a timber mat bridge that makes it easier for large vehicles to get to vital portions of the site. Because job sites often are untamed and lack essential infrastructure, these can be extremely useful. They also help benefit contractors because they minimize pressure exerted by heavy equipment on the ground.

Specifications / Dimensions

4’ × 12” × 20’
4’ × 12” × 30’
4’ × 12” × 40’

We also have the capability to customize the dimensions of these mats so contractors can use them in all types of situations and different terrains.

Recommended Utilizations

Our bridge mat options offer contractors an ideal solution for numerous access challenges they can encounter on the job site. For example, they can be used for:

  • Decking on temporary construction bridges
  • Track equipment and rubber tire equipment/vehicles

*These are not industry-specific mats.

Red-Coated Mats

Our trademark red-coated mats help protect the ends from moisture to ensure the strength and durability your project needs.

Location Proximity

Experience the ease and transportation savings that come with the largest national mat fleet stored in yards across the country.

40+ Years of Experience

YAK MAT products aren’t just backed by quality and national trust: they’re a result of 40 years of experience at the forefront of industry standards. Let YAK be the expert partner that provides the dedicated, full-service experience your project deserves.


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