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Construction sites are not known for convenience. Crews may need to cross trenches, ditches and swamps to reach important areas and get the job done. This is complicated by the fact that heavy equipment is not easy to maneuver. Without a way to cross these obstacles safely, it may not be possible to complete certain projects. This is where bridge mats from YAK MAT can be a valuable resource. They allow workers to create a temporary stream crossing or bridge above hazardous terrain over which cranes and other machines can move.

Built from sturdy, durable hardwood timbers, bridge mats can be used to improve access for multiple types of construction sites. They are not industry-specific, so they can be utilized on almost any type of project. When assembled over soft soils, steep inclines or wetlands, they can create a timber mat bridge that makes it easier for large vehicles to get to vital portions of the site. Because job sites often are untamed and lack essential infrastructure, these can be extremely useful. They also help benefit contractors because they minimize pressure exerted by heavy equipment on the ground. This helps reduce the environmental impact caused by such activity. 

4’ × 12” × 20’. 8 – 9 4,650 – 5,350
4’ × 12” × 30’ 5 – 6 5,350 – 7,347
4’ × 12” × 40’ 4 9,300 – 10,700

“Note: custom dimensions available”

We also have the capability to customize the dimensions of these mats so contractors can use them in all types of situations and different terrains.


Our bridge mat options offer contractors an ideal solution for numerous access challenges they can encounter on the jobsite. For example, they can be used for:

  • Decking on temporary construction bridges
  • Track equipment and rubber tire equipment/vehicles


As the leading provider of access mats in North America, we have the most extensive selection of products and services aimed at helping crews shape and protect rough terrain. They are all built to the highest standards of quality.

Our customers receive numerous benefits and special features, including:

  • Coated ends for rot protection
  • Notched lifting eyes for easy lifting
  • Made of dense hardwoods
  • Various sizes including large bridge mats up to 40′

As the only manufacturer of temporary stream crossing options that owns and operates production facilities nationwide, we give our customers numerous advantages. Not only can we offer economies of scale, but we’re also close to virtually anywhere in the United States. We have a comprehensive inventory of ready-to-ship mats that can be delivered quickly to practically any site. This has the potential to reduce freight costs for contractors substantially. Because we have locations across the country, we support local economies, as well. We work with companies in the area to help us transport lumber, fuel our trucks, and provide the raw materials we need.

YAK MAT has more than 40 years of experience building timber bridge mats for use on construction sites. Our expertise, combined with our complete inventory of more than 1 million products spread across North America, makes us the leader in short-term roadways. Whatever terrain challenges workers may face on the job, YAK MAT can provide the solution. We can also supply temporary bridge rental or purchase options.


For more information about any of our products or to  for your project, contact us today.

We’re the best resource in the industry for access solutions to meet a wide variety of industries’ needs. Our comprehensive suite of services includes temporary road construction, land clearing and site restoration. We have an inventory of more than 1 million new and used mats ready to be sent virtually anywhere in the country, whether you buy or rent them.