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Making Marine Construction Easier and Safer

Perhaps no type of project is more challenging than marine construction. Building bridges and other projects on or near lakes, rivers and seas often means equipment built for the land has to be brought onto the water. This usually requires the cranes and other heavy machinery to be floated on barges or ships. In these cases, protecting the decks from damage caused by tires and treads becomes a high priority. Other times, builders need a stable platform from which they can dredge or cross wet ground. This is why contractors have come to rely on marine construction mats from YAK MAT.

What Floating Timber Mats Can Do for You

Marine construction can sometimes require cranes and other large-scale machines to be utilized. To protect the foundation and floor of the vessels on which they float, YAK MAT provides barge mats and other solutions for decking and proper stabilization. These products improve access and create a more secure platform from which crews can ply their trades.


Protection of your fleet from heavy equipment can be resolved by using YAK MAT’s various matting solutions. Other uses include:

  • Barge mats for marine decking
  • Temporary wood roads
  • Bridge matting for crossings

Without these on the job site, contractors may experience damage to boats and barges caused by tires and treads. They also may have greater difficulty accessing certain areas on their projects. With these in place, however, workers’ jobs will be easier and safer.

Why Choose YAK MAT?

Simply put, no one has more to offer the industry in terms of temporary roadways and platforms than we do. Our 40 years of experience and comprehensive inventory make us ideally suited to serve builders working in this sector.

We are the only provider of marine construction mats with a nationwide manufacturing presence. This means that no matter where you are, we can deliver and install access solutions quickly and cost-effectively. Building along the water already comes at a high price. Our ability to get barge mats and other solutions to any job site fast means lower shipping costs for contractors.

Whether you’re looking to purchase or rent new or used floating timber mats for your next job, we can deliver for you. Take advantage of our inventory of more than 1 million products that are ready to ship virtually anywhere in the United States.

For more information about any of our offerings or to place your order right away, contact us today.