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Oilfield & Drilling Rig Mats

Extra-Strength Support for Serious Equipment

Although YAK MAT’s temporary roadways and access products are made from dense, durable hardwood timbers, there are certain circumstances in which more support is needed. For example, contractors working in the downstream energy sector may need to support extremely large drills for a long time. Work being performed in ecologically sensitive wetlands may have dozens of large-scale trucks coming in and out of the site every hour. For these projects, our rig mats make the most sense for accessing and protecting job sites. Read on to learn more about why these mats for heavy structures can be a godsend for your company.

Strengthened by Steel

Our rig mats feature the same robust timber construction as our other products. However, the wood is bolstered by the addition of a rigid steel frame. This makes them the best mats for heavy structures because they can withstand the most punishing usage without fail. These can be indispensable for the downstream market, where they can be deployed as oil rig mats. They also serve an important purpose in the marine construction industry, providing a platform on barges for cranes and other large equipment.

Along with the added strength supplied by their frames made of steel, rig mats give builders the same advantages as our other products. They can be used to create roads that allow vehicles to reach remote sites. They give crews safe and stable platforms from which they can work. Further, these oilfield mats alleviate the pressure generated by machines, which prevents disturbances to fragile ecosystems.

The many features of these include:

  • Made of dense hardwoods
  • Notched for easy lifting
  • Various sizes including custom sizing available

Without them in the field, construction workers may not be able to get to areas with soft, uneven ground. They may also be in violation of environmental regulations.

8’ × 6” × 20’ 10 – 12 3,581 – 4,120
8’ × 6” × 40’ 5 – 6 6,975 – 8,025

In addition to these, we also offer custom sizes and dimensions to meet your project’s specific needs. No matter what the terrain has to offer or what applications you need them for, our mats make accessing your site much easier.

Recommended Utilizations

Having a stable foundation for your equipment is critical, especially when you have to contend with challenging conditions. Whether you need something to mitigate the impact of your activities on the environment or have to deal with soft ground, our mats can serve a number of functions on the jobsite, including:

  • Stabilization for drilling rigs
  • Load distribution
  • Additional strength and support for rigs and extremely heavy equipment

What Makes YAK MAT a Leader?

We are the best choice for rig mat rentals or sales for a number of reasons. First and foremost, are our more than 40 years of experience building drilling rig mats and other types of access products for a variety of industries.

In addition, we are the only provider working in the industry today with a nationwide manufacturing presence. With production facilities located across the country, we are close to practically every project in the United States. We can have anything in our inventory of more than 1 million mats shipped quickly and cost-effectively to wherever you are.

When you’re looking for rig mat rentals or want to purchase them for a permanent addition to your gear, we’re your go-to source. Reach out to us today with any questions or to place your order.