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Solving Problems for Renewable Energy Projects

Across the country, wind and solar farms are springing up as a renewable solution to our energy requirements. These projects can be some of the most challenging and labor-intensive for a number of reasons. First and foremost is the sheer size and scope of the work that needs to be done. With the extreme nature of the windmills and solar panels and the machinery needed to construct them, contractors have to count on the stability of their equipment to ensure safety and accuracy. In addition, the remoteness of these sites can make getting to and from the job site difficult. On top of that, crews must be careful to avoid damaging fragile ecosystems with the pressure their cranes and trucks may create. Fortunately, YAK MAT offers a wide selection of wood mats for construction that can solve all of these issues. Read on to learn more about our solar and wind farm platform roads.

Why Are Wind and Solar Power Construction Mats Necessary?

Wind farms, solar panels and other renewable energy projects are being developed in desolate areas throughout the country, requiring access needs and matting support for the large turbines and various heavy-duty machines used in their installation. Additionally, to complete these projects, solar and wind farm access roads are required for ground pressure reduction and to create stable platforms. We provide wind mats and solar farm access solutions to support this growing industry with the largest inventory nationwide.


YAK MAT provides land protection in remote areas and equipment and material support.

  • Temporary access roads
  • Equipment support
  • Provide the least environmental impact and the greatest site protection
  • Solid platform for staging and operation

Among the many applications for our products in this sector are:

Without wood access mats for solar farms and wind power projects, contractors may risk unsafe conditions as well as noncompliance with environmental regulations.

Experience the YAK MAT Difference

As a leader in temporary roadways and related solutions, no one knows more about serving major construction projects than we do. We’re also the only provider with a manufacturing presence nationwide. That means our production facilities are close to virtually every project in the country. Thanks to this proximity, we can offer our customers quick, cost-effective delivery from our inventory of more than 1 million products. If you’re ready to take advantage of what we have to offer, contact us to learn more or place your order.