Ramped transition mats provide safer, smoother access to onto platforms and other mats.

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Product Description

These transition mats connect roadways from one level to another. Transition mats can be custom-made and are:

  • Constructed of dense hardwoods
  • Notched for easy lifting
  • Ramped edges for easy crossing
Key Details

When heavy equipment has to be deployed to a project site, safe access is of critical importance. Our transition mats are available to provide a ramp for large-scale construction equipment, helping trucks, excavators and all other types of machinery to reach matted access roads, matted platforms, and other sites easily.

Specifications / Dimensions

4’ × 12” × 8’

In addition to these dimensions, we also can provide custom sizes and shapes to meet your specific needs on the jobsite.

Recommended Utilizations

These mats are versatile enough to be used for a variety of functions on the jobsite, including as heavy machinery ramps and more. They can be used for:

  • Transition ramps for access roads and bridges
  • Track equipment and rubber tire equipment/vehicles

Transition mats can be utilized in a number of project types across a wide selection of industries. These mats provide a smoother shift between existing roads and temporary ramps for construction trucks. Without transition mats, contractors may have a difficult time reaching matting set up for their crane or excavators. They also may experience a greater risk of injuries caused by sudden drop-offs from the edges of their matting.


Red-Coated Mats

Our trademark red-coated mats help protect the ends from moisture to ensure the strength and durability your project needs.

Location Proximity

Experience the ease and transportation savings that come with the largest national mat fleet stored in yards across the country.

40+ Years of Experience

YAK MAT products aren’t just backed by quality and national trust: they’re a result of 40 years of experience at the forefront of industry standards. Let YAK be the expert partner that provides the dedicated, full-service experience your project deserves.


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