Navigating Site Access: Midstream Construction

Oil and gas transmission projects often cross through the most isolated and least developed portions of the country—meaning access can be extremely limited. Contractors and gas companies alike need to balance project timelines and requirements with the sensitivity of the fragile ecosystems around job sites. YAK MAT ground protection mats create temporary roadways and staging areas that are essential for a safe, on-time project.

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Due to the remote and typically wet areas where pipeline construction occurs, it is inevitable that mats be utilized for heavy equipment to reach their respective projects safely. Typically made of durable hardwood timbers, timber mats create a sturdy base that allows for cranes, trucks and other heavy-duty machinery to get to places where roads often do not reach.


Mats for pipeline construction aren’t just used for creating temporary roads, they also help reduce ground pressure by providing weight stabilization that is critical in any project. Our mats for pipeline construction are laid with precision to ensure most machinery can cross anywhere a pipeline may be constructed.

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Timber mats provide safe access to midstream construction project sites while mitigating environmental disturbances.

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Mats used for pipeline construction are typically made of sturdy hardwood timbers, able to withstand the transport of side booms, Marookas, trucks, and other heavy-duty machinery around your worksite.

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