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Composite Construction Mats


YAK MAT offers a full catalog of options in composite matting. These solutions provide ground protection for any industry and any project. Unlike hardwood mats, composites are reusable job after job and significantly lighter in weight, reducing freight costs. Composite construction mats offer many advantages over solid timber especially for projects that require surface decking. These plastic swamp mats are great for heavy equipment and also construction fleet to minimize mud buildup on vehicles in wetlands and other damp terrain. They also can be used to create walkways through areas where there may be treacherous or challenging ground conditions to enhance jobsite safety. These ensure that heavy equipment won’t cause damage to ecologically sensitive areas, as well.


  • Both hollow and solid composites are lighter weight, substantially reducing freight costs to and from the job site — and making it easier to maneuver mats during the work.
  • Poly mats are heavy-duty, able to support construction equipment of all types, sizes and weights, with load-bearing capabilities up to 600 psi. Light-duty products are also available for superior performance for less demanding conditions.
  • Composite rig mats are durable, able to hold up under extreme weather conditions, uneven and unstable terrain and in areas with poor soil composition. Durability also means a very high percentage of recovery after the job.
  • Composites have excellent environmental protection characteristics. Composites do not rot, are inert and do not absorb contaminates.
  • Plastic construction mats prevent vehicle slippage with high-traction surface patterns and tight connections between mats that hold under even the most extreme conditions.
  • Composite mat systems are flexible, able to be configured for virtually any job requirement.

Composite Mats from YAK MAT

We offer a full range of composite construction mats for light- and heavy-duty requirements, and to fit any project budget.

Light-duty Mats

  • DuraDeck® 1
  • DuraDeck® 2
  • DuraDeck® 3
  • DuraDeck® 4
  • AlturnaMATS®
  • SureTrak®

Heavy-duty Mats

  • TuffTrack®
  • TuffTrack® XL
  • TuffTrack® XL+
  • MegaDeck™

About these Composite Mats

  • DuraDeck® mats are made from molded HPDE plastic and are widely used for events, to provide portable roadways and ground protection. These HDPE mats are extremely lightweight and easy to configure, and can be used for many other light-duty construction requirements.
  • AlturnaMATS®, made by TuffTrack®, are made from 100 percent recycled HDPE. They are available in black or clear and come with a limited lifetime warranty.
  • SureTrak® mats, made from virgin or recycled HDPE, are widely used for construction, emergency access and landscaping projects.
  • TuffTrack® mats are made from a variety of polyethylene materials, and they are available in several strengths and configurations to handle a wide range of heavy-duty job requirements.
  • MegaDeck™ mats, made from high quality virgin HDPE, can be found on many demanding outdoor construction projects. These HDPE ground protection mats are extremely strong, with flexible connection design to enable coverage of large work areas and narrow access routes over non-level terrain.
  • DURA-BASE® mats are another excellent, field-tested option for heavy-duty, environmentally sensitive job requirements. In addition to construction jobs, these mats are widely used for utility and energy exploration projects.

Composite Mats for Sale and for Rent

YAK MAT offers composite mats for sale, and also composite mats for rent. Contact us now for more information on buying and renting options, or to learn more about composite construction mat products.

Why Choose to Work With YAK MAT?

We’re more than just the best place to find the widest variety of access solutions for your construction project. We also take pride in our ability to deliver the highest levels of customer service. Our full-service approach means we don’t just sell or rent the mats you need. Our sister companies also provide complete support, including logistical assistance and project management capabilities.

The extensive inventory of more than 1 million mats stored in yards across the country also means we can help you keep your project on schedule and on budget. With so many locations, we’re almost certainly close to where you’re working, which cuts down on delivery time as well as the associated costs. With more than 40 years of experience under our belts, we know more than anyone about how important quality access solutions are to your project no matter what industry you serve.