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EPZ Grounding Grates Keep Ground Crews Safe

Electrocution is a leading cause of death among construction worker fatalities, accounting for 9.3% of total fatalities between 2008 and 2010. The primary cause of death over 50% of these...
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Why Equipotential Grounding Zones Are Essential For Job Site Safety

It goes without saying that hanging electrical lines is dangerous work. Given the lethal amount of voltage in play, mitigating the risk for workers is the highest priority. In fact,...
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Yak Mat Launches New App

Columbia, MS, February 24, 2020: YAK MAT is excited to launch the YAK TRAK app. YAK TRAK connects our customers with the key details they need to manage their access...
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Comparing Different Types Of Access Mats

There are many different types of access mats, each one serving a special and unique purpose. Depending on what the situation calls for, contractors may use one or more types...
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Why Ground Protection Mats Are Necessary For Heavy Equipment Projects

Bulldozers, excavators and other types of heavy machinery are built to shape the earth. However, they often do so in ways that are unintentional. The intense pressure these massive machines...
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Using Timber Mats During Disaster Relief Efforts

Disaster isn’t picky about where it strikes. Flooding, tornadoes, earthquakes, wildfires and other catastrophes can happen virtually anywhere. This means that response teams may need to deploy to areas without...
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Dust Control Mats For Construction Sites

Between heavy equipment rumbling in and out of the job site, tools digging into the soil and the loss of ground cover, construction activity kicks up a lot of dust....
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How To Control Soil Erosion On Construction Sites

Builders move a lot of earth on the job site, but not always intentionally. When the ground erodes as a result of construction activity, it can have a significant impact...
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Using Mats For Slope Stability In Construction

It may look perfectly stable but performing construction work near slopes can be as delicate as building a house of cards. Hills and inclines may appear to be solidly in...
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How To Properly Set Up Access Mats At A Construction Site

Protecting ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands is one of a builder’s most important responsibilities. This is why so many developers choose heavy-duty ground mats for construction sites where the...
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