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Solving Access Problems for Utility Projects

Power lines often have to cross some inhospitable terrain to bring electricity to customers. For the men and women tasked with building them, this means their work has to be carried out in less-than-favorable conditions. They may need to set up their cranes and other heavy equipment in areas where the ground is unstable. They might also have to be careful when performing work in or around ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands. In these instances, transmission and distribution mats made by YAK MAT provide the ideal solution to those concerns. Take a closer look at how our utilities site access mats can alleviate issues on the job site for contractors working in this sector.

How Transmission and Distribution Mats Help Builders

Utility construction is steadily growing due to the expansion of lines, upgrades to current infrastructure, and increased demand for power. Many of these projects will require different access solutions depending on location, time of year and weather. With the extensive amount of planning and detail required, our teams work directly with utility companies to walk the sites and provide the best matting and access products for their situations.

Our transmission and distribution mats are made of durable hardwood timbers, featuring notches for easy transport and setup. They are available in various sizes, including custom, depending on the project. To support the growth in the electrical industry, we supply the resources necessary for all project types.


To support the growth and expansion in the electrical industry, YAK MAT supplies the resources necessary for all types of projects, including power line right-of-way clearing. Other uses include:

  • Temporary roads across swamps and marshes
  • Bridges over waterways for equipment access
  • General project access in transmission right of ways
  • Reduce ground pressure and provide weight distribution for heavy equipment

Along with enabling large machines to reach remote areas, transmission and distribution mats are useful for environmental compliance. They alleviate pressure caused by cranes, excavators and trucks on the ground, which helps preserve delicate ecosystems. Without these products in place, utilities and contractors risk noncompliance and damage to their equipment.

Among the many uses they have for construction companies working in this sector are:

Why Choose YAK MAT?

We’re the recognized leader in these solutions because of our more than 40 years of experience. Plus, because we’re the only provider with a nationwide manufacturing presence, we have a production facility close to virtually every job site in the country. To take advantage of our proximity and huge inventory of ready-to-ship products, contact us to learn more or place your order.