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The right construction plan can make all the difference, especially when you’re building in rough terrain. Ensuring access for heavy equipment and supplies in challenging environments can help you avoid costly delays to your project. This must be done early in the planning process, so you can hit the ground running and have the smoothest possible experience. In addition to providing a wide range of access mats, YAK MAT and our strategic partners also have the capabilities to provide construction planning services for you.


Our construction planning capabilities start by determining the type of solution that will work best for your specific circumstances. Once we know more about the jobsite and what you’ll need to get the job done, we can determine the optimal strategy. This includes creating entrances to the area, installing culverts, implementing stormwater pollution mitigation, laying down mats, and providing full site restoration.

As we develop the plan, we also consider the type of access solutions that will be needed, based on the type of terrain, the size of the equipment, and other factors. This will be crucial for ensuring there will be enough support for trucks, cranes, and other heavy-duty machinery. Finally, we make sure to create a schedule for materials delivery that fits perfectly into your needs. Our goal is to develop a construction site access plan that not only meets your requirements and helps protect the environment, but also fits your budget.


Proper construction mapping is critical for every type of job. However, there are some projects that are built in extremely challenging conditions. Our construction access planning solutions can make these projects much easier to execute within your time and budgetary constraints. Some examples of these jobs include:

As the recognized leaders in construction access solutions, the team at YAK MAT can get the job done. With the help of our strategic partners, you can rest assured that even the most difficult jobs can be planned efficiently. To learn more about everything we can do for you, get in touch with us today.