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Temporary Access Roads

Ideally, your job site should be a blank slate ready for the crew to start building. For many projects, however, the site and the surrounding area may be less than hospitable to your equipment. Muddy soil, hidden obstacles and delicate ecosystems don’t care that you have a schedule to keep. Heavy machinery and trucks can have difficulty accessing these areas and often create a big mess when they do. That’s why using access mats from YAK MAT to create temporary roads makes sense. By creating temporary site access roads, you can traverse rough terrain or ecologically sensitive areas with ease.

How Temporary Roadway Systems Work

Creating temporary access for a construction site is relatively simple with our solutions. YAK MAT products are strong enough to support large-scale equipment, including cranes. They feature built-in notches that easily connect them and provide stability and security. So many different sizes are available that there’s virtually no limit to the number of temporary road construction configurations you can create.

With these options for temporary access road construction, remote and untamed areas become much more accessible. In addition, our roadways help prevent damage to the ground from the pressure exerted by wheels and treads. This means wetlands and other ecologically fragile places are at lower risk of disruption.

Many sectors benefit from using our products to build temporary roads for a construction site. Civil construction, transmission and distribution towers, renewable energy projects, and oil and gas pipeline work are just a few examples of jobs that require moving equipment in difficult conditions.

Why Choose YAK MAT?

We are the leaders in creating access solutions for contractors and builders. We have more than 40 years of experience along with a network of strategic partners ready to lend their expertise. With more than 1 million products in our inventory across North America, YAK MAT products can arrive at your location quickly and cost-effectively. Whether you choose to purchase, rent or lease, our lineup provides the answers.

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